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What type of EDGE should I use?

Updated: Apr 11

Do you know the difference between the edges for your countertop? SPD Countertops would like to show you some very important points, such as type of use and resistance.

The most elegant countertops, with more them 1000 different layouts of material.

When choosing the perfect edges and finishes for your stone countertops, there's a wide array of options, each offering a distinct look and feel that can complement your kitchen's design aesthetic and practical needs. Here's a summary of different types and their characteristics, drawn from various sources:

Edge Profiles

  1. Square Edge: Simple and unpretentious, square edges fit nearly any design style, particularly when you want other elements like backsplashes or appliances to stand out​.

  2. Beveled Edge: Characterized by its angular cut, typically at a 45-degree angle, beveled edges add a touch of elegance and are compatible with both traditional and contemporary styles​.

  3. Bullnose Edge: Offering a smooth, rounded finish, bullnose edges are timeless and work well in any kitchen. They're particularly favored for their safety and ease of cleaning​.

  4. Half Bullnose (Demi Bullnose) Edge: Combines the soft, rounded top of the bullnose with a straight bottom, adding dimension while maintaining a traditional look​.

  5. Ogee Edge: Known for its S-curve, ogee edges add a luxurious, classic touch, perfect for traditional designs but come at a higher price due to their complexity.

  6. Mitered Edge: Appears thicker than it is, creating an illusion of depth, ideal for contemporary kitchens seeking a chunkier countertop look​.

  7. Waterfall Edge: Extends down the sides of the countertop to the floor, creating a sleek, modern look that's perfect for statement islands but requires more material, making it pricier​.

  8. Cove Edge: Offers a smooth, rounded alternative to the bullnose, often used near sinks or faucets for a distinctive look​.

  9. Chiseled Edge: Provides a natural, rustic appearance by exposing the raw stone, ideal for designs that embrace earthy tones.

  10. Eased Edge: A softened square edge that's slightly rounded for safety and durability, fitting both modern and traditional styles​.


  1. Polished Finish: This glossy finish highlights the stone's natural colors and patterns, offering a sleek, modern look​.

  2. Honed Matte Finish: A smooth, matte surface that showcases the stone's texture, suitable for casual or rustic styles​.

  3. Leathered Finish: Textured like leather, this finish adds a rustic but modern touch, balancing natural aesthetics with contemporary flair​.

  4. Antique Finish: Gives countertops a weathered, vintage charm, perfect for classic and historical designs​.

Each edge profile and finish brings its own set of aesthetic and practical benefits to the table. When choosing, consider your kitchen's overall style, maintenance preferences, and safety requirements to find the best match for your space​.

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